The electro optical ware house

Laseroptronix and our staff have been in the electro optical area since 1977 and have a huge experience in this area. We operate as a small company network with about 15 people involved in the operations. Here are links to our major product areas. One area of activities are Laseroptronix own developed and made products. An other area is imported products where we resell the products in Sweden and many other countries. The products can be financed through our partner in Sweden.
Product areas developed and produced by Laseroptronix
Laserkamerasystem Laser camera systems
Laseravståndsmätare Laser distance meters
Flygburna mätsystem Airborne measuring systems
3D Laserradarsystem 3D laser radar units
Imported products and products we resell in Sweden and other countries
Kamerasystem Camera systems
Lasersystem Laser systems
LCD Bildskärmar LCD screens
Application areas
Home land security
Tellux is our sister company focused to new generations of led lamps and energy production by wind and sun power. We make many of products in Sweden and have the most modern and efficient products now available. We have just developed a new generation of street lamps with solar power input. More about Tellux
Summary of applications for our products + links
Säkerhetslösningar Home land security