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Airborne applications for electro optical sensors
Laseroptronix and our partners are happy to offer some products related to aviation and airborne technologies. Here we have a summary of what we offer and links to related pages. We do have an own development in this area and if you looks for something now described here pls send a mail with your questions and we may serve you anyway. Aviation is a key area for us.
Laser altimeters for height control of aircrafts
GeoMapper 3 D 3 D laser radar system for geo mapping and surveying
GeoMapper the 3D solution for measuring and documentation of roads
LineMapper the system for power line inspection and documentation
Laser radar scanners / ladar units for airborne applications in aircrafts and UAV systems
3D scale cameras for airborne geomatics and measurements
Active laser cameras for SAR applications and wire collision avoidance
Gyro stabilized binoculars for inspection from the air of power lines etc.
Summary of all data sheets and sides related to airborne installations.

Short description and links to the related pages for rapid information search-

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Active laser cameras and PTZ units for aviation applications.Link.

Goggles for night vision and operating in darkness aviation
Thermal camera systems for thermovision from the air . Gimbal installed models
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