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 Laserradar system Laser kameror Applikationer Säkerhetsystem
Gated laser cameras
Home land security
Laser radar systems Applications
Distance meters
Termo kamerasytem
 Bildförstärkare Kameror Pekpinnne lasrar
Night Vision
Camera systems
Measurement systems for airborne applications
Illumination systems
 Laboratorie lasrar
Lysdioder / LED
Camera monitors
LED lamps / chips Laboratory lasers
Construction lasers Bygglasersystem
Tellux is a sister company making new generation LED lamps and energy systems based on solar panels and wind mills More about Tellux
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VAT nr SE 556 569 1135-01 Laseroptronix is an AB organisation
Säte i Täby Kommun Glimmervägen 8 187 34 Täby / Sweden
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