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Ladar systems for 3D measuring applications
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Laser radar / Lidar / ladar is a way to measure shapes in 3D based on laser illumination. The technology works from cm sized objects to large scale map production from the air. The technology works with several technical ways to solve the problems and Laseroptronix works with several of these. The general output of a laser radar is a cluster of 3D coordinates related to a global / local coordinate system. Applications are numerous from industrial production to map production over large areas. The general technology is very similar and we play in all these areas with technical solutions which often are the same .
Laseroptronix offers several techniques to make laser radar systems. We use what is the best solution for each application. Therefore we need a clear specification or application to serve our customers in the best way. Pls give as many details as possible when you communicate with us in the future
Features of Laseroptronix laser radar systems
* Non contact method based on laser light
* Up to 50 000 3D points / sec can be measured and stored
* Possible to make 3D maps of large areas in short time
* Very low time per square meter of measured areas and low man time totally
* Measuring ranges up to over 1000 m in distance with a few cm in accuracy only
* Possibility to detect / analyze objets by its shape without contrast and color and ambient light
* It can be installed on cars, airborne platforms, boats or a walking person
* Measurements can be synchronized to DGPS and RTK data for global coordination
* The obvious solution for many airborne applications and platforms
* Large areas can be analyzed in short time in real time mode.
Laseroptronix is very happy to introduce our laser radar systems or Ladar if you prefer. This is a laser distance meter which is scanned / pointed at known directions in high speed The areas are scanned and when we know the two angles of the vector and the distance we can generate 3D measurements over large structures in a short time.
Ladar systems scan be installed on movable platforms or be mounted on a fixed site supervising the surrounding areas automatically.
This technology is the future for many old and new applications and we have been working with laser radar systems since 1992. This bank of knowledge is very valuable when analyzing new applications and our customers needs.
Pls. send us a mail about your application and specifications and we can make a good proposal based on the long experience of our staff.
3D images done by laser radar systems. Examples
3D images of cars done by LaserGuard alarm system
3D images showing the pin pointing accuracy of a laser radar system
3D laser radar based alarm sensors
3D alarm system Laser guard
Augmented reality by laser radar and cameras
2 and 3D images done by laser radar
Laser profilo meters for rail road tracks type BV scann.
Industrial robot system scanned by a Ladar system This 3D image is done by a scanning Ladar with max range of over 100 m and a depth resolution of about 20 cm. . 3 D data were filtered and processed to have a clean and good image. Distance is related to color of the surface. This 3D image can also be super imposed on a photo from a camera to have a more detailed information.

More information about short range laser radar systems

Ladar scan over a spiral stair This image is done by a navigation Ladar system from a mobile robot system. This type of information say more than a standard photo as we have the depth information which is very essential when navigating from a remote position. Ladar images is the best way to enlarge what the operated shall decide and act against.
More information about navigation with laser radar technology
Laser radar image of a scud robot on its ramp This application is military and here the RPV with an onboard laser radar fly over large areas and scanning the area . When a specific shape is found the ladar can generate a 3D image and compare with preset shapes in its memory. If this is the same as the RPV is looking for it can transmit target data or make an attack. Here no operator is needed and the system is not depending on ambient light , temperature or color of target.

More about 3 D laserradar targeting and tracking

3 D map image This is an example of out put data from a processed 3D image with the map wrapped on the 3D shape ( wire grid ). This way to show shapes gives very useful information which is easy to understand. Images and photos can also be wrapped over the 3D shape .

More information about Geomapper the position defined video system

4 D Map image This is a variant of the 3D image but with an extra parameter added in a 4 th dimension. These additional data can in some cases be collected at the same flight as the area is 3D scanned. These data can be information about vegetation, tree height, chlorophyll balance in trees , snow depth etc.

Information about Geomapper airborne geomatics laser radar unit

Wire grid models for geomatics This is a more traditional way to display geographical areas. In this case the bottom image is pure 3D . The top layer is a traditional map with level lines . This is normally the original data from the ladar and then we can add what is desired over this surface.
Robot navigation and control This technology gives the robot a 3D eye which can be used to automatically control the robot by its own smart computer. The 3D data can be transmitted to a remote placed operator who can make a far better control when he have a 3D view of what the robot do and its surrounding areas.
Laser radar system for cavity shape control and airborne gimbal applications This very compact sensor is only 100 mm in diameter and it can scan and sense almost over a complete sphere. The system have 0.01 degree resolution in x and y axis and 1-5 cm accuracy in depth axis up to 200 m in distance. The system is very rugged and made in solid stainless steel. For airborne applications it is made in aluminum.
Non reflector, theodelite style laser radar systems This is a laser distance meter operating up to 200 m without any reflector and at a speed of up to 130 Hz. It can scan at speeds of 50 degree per sec and measure all surrounding areas with high accuracy. The system can also be mounted as a gimbal system on air borne platforms and boats. It can handle cameras and distance meters with a total weight of 10 Kg.
More information about slow scan laser radar systems
G-Series of laser radar scanners are based on 3 models with ranges from 25-50 meter to 300-350 meter. THis system is 2 axis and accuracy is 1-2 mm at long range models and the short range is 0.2-0,5 mm. Speed is high and we can offer 1000-5000 3D points per sec. Dynamic focusing gives a very small measuring spot and these systems can resolve very small objects in a complex 3D environment.

G-Scanners are an important part of systems we design for industrial control and measurements. Standard system can generate Autocad files and generate reverse drawings of existing objects.

More about G-Seris of scanners

Marine navigation systems based on Laser radar This system is far more accurate to what a radar can offer and is now a standard equipment on all oil rigs on the north sea. The system can measure movements and position of docking ships at less 10 cm accuracy at 1000 distance. The system is approved and certified for off shore applications on oil rigs.
More about Fan Beam mark 3 laser radar system
Gated laser cameras. This system can be explained as a 3D camera where all pixels can be defined in 3D. The camera use a short laser flash which is strobes in its flight at a known distance and by this we know which distance we look at . Measuring rate can be many Mega pixels per sec up to several km in distance . The system can see through snow, rain and bad weather up to 5 times the normal visible range. The output is a camera output where each pixels can be defined in a 3D coordinate.

More information about laser cameras

LAD 500 series of 2 D slow speed scanners. These industrial systems can have a range from 150 meter to 1500 meter and have a high resolution and pin pointing accuracy. Distance resolution is between 1 cm and 10 cm all overt the range area.

Automatic functions for change detection and anomality detection in 2 and 3D is possible.

More about LAD 500 system

Laser radar systems for obstacle detection and automatic intruder detection. These systems can automatically detect obstacles or intruders in forbidden areas. They are also fail safe approved and extremely reliable in this work. This makes them replacing cameras and other technologies in surveillance applications.
Matrix optical radar system This system have a sync grab of 120x160 pixels at same light pulse. Speed is 30Hz with full resolution. Max range is 7 meter and it can offer 5-10 mm in accuracy over the range. Light source is an array of light emitting diodes. This is a design for high volume applications indisustry and security.

More about Optical radar systems

Applications for laser radar technology.
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