Laseroptronix news letter

Short news summary about us and what is happening here just now and in the close future

Nov 02 Deliveries of Sealynx system for security application in harbor area and airports

Dec 02 Deliveries of LaserSnap systems for security applications over large areas to a high volume customer. Wire less models

April 03 Delivery of the new airborne laser scanner for 3D map generating.

April 03 New follow up orders for laser snap systems

April 03 2 orders for sail cutting systems with CO 2 lasers of 50 W in power.

Jan 04 Several key orders for LED lamp systems and xenon lamp systems

Feb 04 First key orders of Protectomatic security system

May 04 Order of security system for garages based on wire less technology

June 04 First order of Argus camera system for sub sea penetration of muddy water

July 04 Export key order of Protectomatic system for a ware house application

Oct 05 Moving to the new office in Täby

Sep 06 Successful tests of a foreign object detector at Arlanda airport. (FOD detector)

Dec 06 Tests of the new night vision color camera system

Dec 06 Tests of new Dynaview camera system in marine applications

Dec 06 Project start for the EU project Multicam where we and Norwegian partners make a 3D sub sea laser coordinate measuring station

Jan 07 Order for 2 high speed airborne ladar scanners for geomapping applications

Mars 07 Delivery of new 3D ladar based system for detecting of intruders in a hydro power station.

June 07 Order for a paravan camera system for sub sea mapping

Aug 07 Order for 2 small airborne scanners to be installed in small electrical aircraft's

Aug 07 Delivery of long range illuminators for surveillance cameras operating at 15000 meter distance

Aug 07 Order of a new 4000 meter range airborne altimeter for works in Etiophia

Aug 07 Order for sub sea paravan camera system

Dec 07 EU UNCOSS Project start up for a new sub sea explosive detection device based on neutron beam scanners and gamma spectroscopy.

Feb 09 Order for airborne scanner for South Africa to be installed in aircraft's

Jun 09 Laseroptronix airborne scanners map glaciers in Svalbard

July 10 Tests of new sub sea camera that double the visibility range in dirty water.

March10 Order for a high numbers of laser altimeters ALTM 500 for Asian customer

April 10 Orders for observation system of the most advanced camera systems including EM-CCD cameras and active IR emitters

May 10 Order for a new sub maribne 360 degree CCD camera system

June 10 Order for mini laser radar for airborne applications. 1 kg in weight and 36 KHz in speed to 150 meters altitude.

June 10 Order for software development for a new gyro based system for multimedia

Dec 10 Order for 8000 pcs led street lamps by our suster company Tellux AB Sweden

Dec 10 Order for 7 pcs of adcabved pan and tiltb tracking camertas for an Asian area.

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