Laseroptronix security systems
Summary of security systems and solutions offered by Laseroptronix and our cooperation partners
Laseroptronix and some of our net work partners are now starting up a new group working with security and surveillance applications in a larger scale. We have unique solutions admitting a safe detection of intruders in large areas with highest safety level. These systems are cost effective and easy to operate.

In our safety related net work we have very experienced experts working with safety since many years and with the best references. This areas is not explained in a too detailed way as we can not tell to much about this to the wrong persons.

Protectomatic system is a concept done by Laseroptronix including very new thinking. This admits a far better security level than what the alternatives of today can offer. This is a system which can detect and control all movements in an area and also check authority of a mix of friends and unknown in an area giving alarms for the unknown visitors. This technology is very unique for Laseroptronix. This is a very confidential system and we do only offer this to special customers and authorities to avoid leaks of knowledge.

RFID solutions with long range characteristics are included in Protectomatic system . They are also available separately. We have passive solutions with range up to 40 meter and active systems with a range of up to 200 meter omnidirectional.

Tagradar solutions is a special reader which can see the position of the identified RFID tag in a coordinate system. We can see the position of many tags with an accuracy of about 0.5 meter and a range up to 40 meter with passive tags and 100 meter with active RFID tags.

Long range surveillance cameras. These can se persons at a range of up to 15 000 meter in total darkness. This is a combination of laser illumination and extremely sensitive 24 hour cameras. These cameras outperform all intensified cameras on the market and operates in booth daylight and deepest darkness.

3D change detection laser radar systems. This very unique technology is a 3D operating system looking for changes in an area. Changes are analyzed and when preset parameters are detected there is an alarm.

* Laser radar tests in Stockholm harbor showing high resolution capabilities

Perrimeter and border control with our solutions. Summary about our unique solutions for home land security applications.

Sniper detection system This is an electro optical device made to detect hidden snipers. It operates by the principle of light puses giving a retro reflex inside snipers telescopic sight. This works to all cameras and binoculars as well.

Augmented reality solutions in 3D.This is a very powerful way to show information from sensors direct as overflay on a camera or video image.This shows direct where somethjing was deteceted so operators can make fast decisions.Datasheet Laserguard system

Sniperdetectors are designed to find anyone looking at you with binoculars or weapon sights. We have a 1200 meter system and a 2000 meter system for mobile operations and a special surveillance camera with same characteristics.

Products in this area offered by Laseroptronix as components but also as parts in an integrated system.

Target areas for our applications.

Airports ,harbors, government areas UN camps, nuclear power stations and military related areas

Total safety against intruders, unexpected cars , debris on runways and birds in a simple fail safe way. 3D detection technology making very difficult to jam the sensors which makes the suitable for future needs against anti terror demands and safety.

Industrial areas , construction sites , houses and parking areas for cars.

Total safety against intruders and unexpected visitors. Smart communication between sensors responsible staff. Discrete solutions making the guest unknown of that he is watched. In cooperation with a colleague we can offer guard services etc.

Imaged by a gated camera system in negative white mode. Pls. compare with the top normal image where a lot of image is black.

Personal safety solutions and car / taxi safety solutions and transport protection.

Parts of these other solutions can be operated in a portable way by persons needing personal protection. We are introducing new solutions and ideas here where there are large problems today. Solutions can be carried by a person in a discrete manner or installed in cars and other areas. These solutions make it far more difficult to rob a taxi or value transport. It will also make persons needing protection far safer than toady's solutions.

All these ideas are protected by a patent and patent applications by Laseroptronix.

Pls. contact us with your application and demands and we can offer a good solution.

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